Dr. C. Mertzenich

Address: Department of Chemistry, Luther College, 700 College Drive, Decorah, Iowa 52101-1045
Decorah is in Winneshiek County (northeast Iowa)
Office location: Sampson Hoffland Laboratories (SHL) 390F (campus map)
Office Phone: 563 387 1626.  Toll free number: 1-800-2-Luther, extension 1626
Research laboratory: SHL 374
Research laboratory telephone: 563 387 1508
Home telephone: 563 382 5565
FAX: 563 387 1080
Email: mertzecl@luther.edu
Text: 563 241 3255

Feel free to contact me via Google Talk when I'm online.

Mertzenich's Daily Schedule (Office Hours)
It may at times be possible to view Professor Mertzenich via the world famous "ClaudeCam".

Last updated winter 2013-2014


Chemistry 114 The Environment: A Chemical Perspective
Chemistry 151 Chemical Principles I
Chemistry 152 Chemical Principles II
Chemistry 474 Inorganic Chemistry:  Physical Inorganic Chemistry
Chemistry 473 Inorganic Chemistry:  Solid State and Bioinorganic Chemistry
Chemistry 490 Senior Project and Chemistry Seminar

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1 May 2013. Professor Mertzenich featured in Luther College Alumni Magazine article on "The New Preus: One-Stop Information Shopping in the Modern Library," page 22.
25 October 2011. Luther College chemistry alumnus Phuong V. Dau publishes article on metal-organic frameworks in the prestigious journal Angewandte Chemie
11 July 2011. Chemists Discover Freezing Point of Supercooled Water

Employment & Salary Survey

Nature's peer review debate

Luther College to break ground May 11, 2007, for $20 million Science Laboratories and Research Center

Luther alumni and friends contribute $3.5 million to Science Center (7 Mar 2007)

Science in action:  The debate over polymorphism in aspirin (1 Jan 2007)

"...chemists have prepared a new crystalline material that features interconnecting channels and unusually large pores."  This material will have significant impact on the oil-refining industry.  This new material is, indeed, a "Roomy Zeolite." (23 Oct 2006)

Click here to listen (yes, listen) to chemical reactions (25 Sep 2006)

Class Of 2005 Salaries & Jobs (7 Aug 2006)

Courses formerly taught Chem 139 The Environment, Chemistry, and Society
Chem 248 Laboratory Safety
Chem 351 Chemical Kinetics
Chem 479 Synthetic Techniques

“Teaching and learning are not synonymous; we can teach – and teach well - without having the students learn."
Bodner, G. M. J. Chem. Educ. 1986, 63, 873 and Ward, R. J.; Bodner, G. M. J. Chem. Educ. 1993, 70, 198.

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled."
Plutarch, Greek historian and writer, 1st century

"The Road" by ACM and ARM, 2006


The American Chemical Society Vision:
Improving people's lives through the transforming power of chemistry


Come, Holy Spirit, divine Creator,
true source of light and fountain of wisdom!
Pour forth your brilliance
upon my dense intellect,
dissipate the darkness which covers me,
that of sin and of ignorance.
Grant me a penetrating mind to understand,
a retentive memory,
method and ease in learning,
the lucidity to comprehend,
and abundant grace in expressing myself.
Guide the beginning of my work,
direct its progress,
and bring it to successful completion.
This I ask through Jesus Christ,
truly divine and truly human,
living and reigning with you
and the Father, forever and ever. Amen.

- St. Thomas Aquinas


“Don’t want to hurt anybody
Don’t want to make them cry”