Our Stories of Miscarriage:

Healing with Words

Edited by Rachel Faldet and Karen Fitton

Fairview Press, 1997

 Featured on NBC's Today Show, and in Parents, Mothering and Shape Magazines. Amazon.com Expert Editor's Recommended Book

Twenty percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Yet couples who have suffered miscarriages are often treated awkwardly or even ignored. This moving collection of personal essays, journal entries, and poems provides the sort of emotional support and personal identification that so many people desperately crave.

Fifty contributors, including four men, share vivid, real-life accounts of how miscarriage has affected their lives. Anyone who has been touched by miscarriage - mothers, fathers, family members, friends and caregivers - will want to read and share this book.

What professionals have said about

Our Stories of Miscarriage:

"This collection of poignant real-life stories gives reassurance and hope to those who have suffered the loss of an unborn child."

Library Journal


"I found it hard to put down. It is quite beautiful. The power of the stories and poems is tremendous."

Ruth Bender Atik, National Director, Miscarriage Association, England


"Even the briefest accounts here are moving, and the more probing entries are remarkably powerful in their evocation of the harsh realities of an unborn baby's death."



"Those who have experienced the quiet tragedy of losing a pregnancy will find comfort in this community of words."

Mothering Magazine


"A sensitive and touching book on the very real heartache of miscarriage. Emotional, honest sharing about one of life's often unrecognized tragedies. This book speaks to the hearts of the bereaved with the understanding and compassion of someone who has walked the same path."

Donna Roehl and Charlene Nelson, Directors, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Center


"Through these stories, the unique feelings of loss and grief after miscarriage, often dismissed by society, are validated."

Jane Borman, National SHARE Office


"This book provides a much-needed emotional connection for grieving parents and a sense of understanding for family, friends, and professionals who are looking for ways to support someone on their journey of grief after a miscarriage."

Fran Rybarik, R.N., M.P.H., Director, Bereavement Services/RTS


"Counselors, caregivers, and medical personnel will notice a transition within themselves and how they provide care after reading this book."

Rev. Richard Gilbert, Director, The World Pastoral Care Center


"These stories and poems are anguished and touching. Paradoxically, they offer comfort to anyone who has suffered a miscarriage."

Women's Studies and Literature Expert Editor's Recommended Book, Amazon.com


"This is a book I wish I had written . . . I found it easy, welcome reading, and could hardly put it down. The honest expression of grief and loss was riveting."

Heather Williams, HeartSongs Newsletter, Pen-Parents


"Although several books have been written about miscarriages, I have never found another that has moved me or been as healing as Our Stories of Miscarriage."

Amanda Edwards, New Beginnings, La Leche League International

About the Cover Quilt:

The quilt block on the cover of the book -- which combines watercolor and torn photographs -- represents the heartache of miscarriage. According to Amanda Edwards in her review of Our Stories of Miscarriage in the La Leche League's New Beginnings, the photographs of a 1990s woman and an 1890s woman represent "mothers separating unwillingly from their babies." Edwards also says, "I found this very appropriate as for me it represented a link between women now and in the past. My grandmother miscarried twins in the 1920s and I have miscarried two children in the 1990s."

Our Stories of Miscarriage is like a friendship quilt: many hands and hearts contributed pieces to the whole. Each essay, journal excerpt, and poem represents a block in the quilt of words.

Like friendship quilts, so often given to women in the nineteenth century who were leaving a familiar home for the unknown frontier, Our Stories of Miscarriage was made for a particular circumstance. Like those quilts, whose blocks of calico patchwork or embroidered silks were often inscribed with words of remembrance, this book is inscribed with words of comfort and hope for those who have lost a child -- or children -- through miscarriage.

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Fairview Press, 2450 Riverside Ave. South, Minneapolis, MN 55454 Phone 1-800-544-8207 (Volume discounts available)

ISBN 1-57749-033-9 · $13.95 (pbk), 6 x 9 · 224 pages



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